FogMarks is the result of a hard work and some very long nights. This blog’s main target is to bring the world to a new level of security by showing some very interesting, severe and real case-studies that were discovered by FogMarks staff.

All of the case-studies which are presented here on FogMarks are real. The vulnerabilities described here were discovered after long hours and sophisticated methods. Our readers are being presented with the whole story, no shortcuts or any hidden info.

All of the case-studies are published only after the vulnerability was patched, and the patch was confirmed by one of FogMarks staff. This excludes case-studies of companies that ignored our reports.
The date of the post is the exact time when the vulnerability was discovered, but the post is being written only after the vulnerability is closed. Therefore, the post’s date is only symbolic.

All the information here on FogMarks is for educational purposes only, with the vision of making the world and the internet a much safer place. Any harmful usage of the information presented here is strongly forbidden.