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Jul 12, 2019 · 4 min read
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I decided to make An Injustice! Because I wanted to create a space on here where people like myself could post whatever they want, whenever they wanted, without fear of repercussion.

You can read about it more in my article, ‘I Am Saying ‘No’ To Writing About Black Trauma,’ but sometimes I feel shoeboxed by other people’s expectations. That because of the certain boxes I tick, my content will follow a certain path.

I know I am not alone in this, so I thought to create a space for minority voices. Whether you are; BIPOC, LGBTQ+, a woman etc just know I am especially keen to hear from you (though we accept writers of all kinds).

After all, any and all success I have had through writing has been from collaboration. I have learnt much more from listening and reading the work from my fellow writers. So it is my goal for the publication to increase in voices and diverse thought.

What we publish!

Here at ‘An Injustice!’ the goal is to change lives while imparting wisdom. With that in mind, I’m looking for excellent non-fiction writing that is a full body of work with a clear message for the reader.

Whether this is done in the form of an essay, listicle or graphic piece is up to you, but I want to feel changed following it.

Make it personal, honest and continue reading the publication to see the style of pieces we publish!

I am especially keen in your work if you’re:

  • Woman
  • LGBTQ+

However, if you don’t fit into these categories not to worry. As long as your work fits with the general vibe of the publication all is well.

Overall the only requirement is that you feel shat on by life in general.

Time frame!

All submissions are reviewed as quickly as possible, so please give it:

  • 7 days to be added as a writer
  • 24 hours for your piece to be published
  • Submissions will be reviewed around 16:00pm EDT/ 21:00pm GMT+1(updated 03/08)

If your piece hasn’t been published within 24 hours the likelihood is that a note has been left on your piece, so please check them before emailing in.


Before you send over your work, please read the guidelines. We may be a baby publication but excellence is still expected.

  1. We are looking for original work. Make sure it is focused, interesting and to the point. We are looking for work with a clear message conveyed to the reader.
  2. We have a 0 tolerance policy on all the -isms and -phobias. This is a safe space after all.
  3. We only accept unpublished medium drafts. Work submitted on blogs or websites is more than welcomed as long as it is sent to us as a draft (it’s hard out here, we get it). Make sure to link the original source of your work at the bottom of the piece though.
  4. Please ensure you are using title case for your titles and sentence case for your subtitles. Section headings should be in sentence case with no trailing punctuation. Click here for an excellent formatting guide.
  5. Feature images should always sit below the title and subtitle. Please make sure all images are properly captioned!
  6. We don’t guarantee that we will publish what you send us. Each submission is carefully reviewed to make sure it meets the standards we are looking for in the publication. If it just needs a little touch up, we will send a private note.
  7. For extensive edits, pieces will be returned with a note. Please feel free to revise and resubmit in your own time!
  8. Please ensure work is laid out and presented in a way to visually attract readers. Play with space and avoid big chunks of text. Check here for more info.
  9. Give your piece a once over in a tool like Grammarly.
  10. Tag your work with one of these headings — Equality, Culture, Woman, Mental Health, or LGBTQ.

Formatting guidelines!

Here at An Injustice! we want your pieces to be the best versions they can be, not for our benefit but for yours. Our goal is to get everyone who publishes with us curated — we want as many people as possible to see your work.

Below you’ll find formatting guidelines (written by the best of the best) that have helped me with my own pieces.

How to join and submit!

With “Draft Submission” as your subject line, email me your:

  • Medium username
  • Profile link
  • Draft link of your piece

— I will then make you a writer and you can submit any post you want to. You can formally submit your story by clicking the “…” next to the Publish button, then “Add to Publication.” Next, select An Injustice from the list, then confirm your submission.

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If you have followed the above guidelines there should be no problem getting your work out there!

Thank you for choosing to make some noise! I look forward to reading your work.


An Injustice!

A new intersectional publication, geared towards voices…

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Written by


EiC of An Injustice! | Works in Business Insider, Huffington Post, Greatist, ZORA etc | Email —

An Injustice!

A new intersectional publication, geared towards voices, values, and identities!


Written by


EiC of An Injustice! | Works in Business Insider, Huffington Post, Greatist, ZORA etc | Email —

An Injustice!

A new intersectional publication, geared towards voices, values, and identities!

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